Are CBD Pre-Rolls A Better Tobacco Alternative?

CBD Pre-rolls
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If you too are thinking about trying to quit tobacco smoking, CBD flower can be a great help. As the psychoactive effects associated with smoking weed discourages many users, non-intoxicating cannabidiol joints are recently getting popular. Products like CBD pre rolls are available at various stores and preferred by smokers willing to quit the nicotine addiction. People buy these pre-rolls in their breaks as an alternative to cigarettes and use them to relieve stress and anxiety. This is because these products work similarly to cigarettes, offering the users a chance to relax and focus, without dealing with the adverse health effects associated with tobacco. 

Apart from serving as an alternative, CBD also aids in the efforts to quit smoking. It interacts with the endocannabinoid system to regulate the body functions, bringing the body to the state of balance. It can help with stress, anxiety, insomnia and provide relaxation and improved focus to eliminate the need to light up a cigarette. The online marketplace offers access to a wide variety of products including CBD vape pens, tinctures, edibles, topicals and more. Studies have shown how CBD can help smokers reduce the cravings for cigarette. It is also effective at alleviating withdrawal symptoms, making it easier to quit smoking. Cannabidiol acts on the part of the brain responsible for addiction triggers, thus helping quit addiction to drugs and tobacco easily. 

Joints and pre-rolls made using CBD-rich flower are in demand. A pre-roll company named Wagner Dimas signed a deal with Aurora, the Canadian cannabis giant last year to increase their production to 50 million from 5 million last year. They are the only existing scaled platform for pre-roll manufacturing. The platform used hemp to produce herbal cigarettes as a tobacco alternative. Grabba Leaf is the gold standard in the RYO/MYO industry. It is the benchmark that all other like companies desperately try to reach. People use these products to satisfy the oral puffing needs and there is a global market of about $200 for these pre-rolls. It can get bigger after FDA’s declaration about reducing the nicotine levels in cigarettes. Tobacco smoking is known to be the major cause of a number of diseases and leads to over 500,000 deaths every year in the United States. Though the exact levels are not yet announced by the agency, it is reported that nicotine levels will go down to less than 0.5 mg per cigarette to make them non-addictive. This step will prevent millions of non-users from turning regular smokers. It will also bring down the smoking rate in the country and the popularity of tobacco cigarettes, thus opening the market to newer alternatives like CBD pre-rolls

Now the question that remains unanswered is how legal the market is. Until 2014, the domestic production of hemp was not carried out. It was after the Farm Bill of 2018 that industrial hemp cultivation was legalized. Today, most states permit the production and sale of CBD products containing less than 0.3 percent THC. Growers are getting involved in cultivation of special strains with high cannabidiol content and low levels of THC to make products legal for sale. CBD-rich flower delivers therapeutic effects without any mind-altering effects. CBD joints and pre-rolls that resemble tobacco cigarettes allow consuming the compound in high amounts while staying away from any health risks associated with nicotine, hence making a great choice for those who want to quit smoking.

Are CBD Pre-Rolls A Better Tobacco Alternative?
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